Christian Funeral Service

As life is a gift from God, it is our honor to host and treasure the moment with the family, whether held at the church or the funeral home.

During the service, family and friends gather together to cherish all the good memories with their beloved.

Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $16,800
Service at Funeral Home $29,800
Service at Church $32,800

Funeral Services

Casket & Accessories


Silk-lining within the Casket


Holy Cross Blanket

Name plate


Dress code

Black Mourning Dress & Shrouds

Deceased’s Portrait

Colored Photo with Frame

Funeral Accessories

Thank-you Packets


Sympathy Record Book

Bless Packets

(Electronic) Obituary



Our team

1. Funeral Director 2. Logistic Team 3. Designing Team
4. Operating Team 5. Funeral Pallbearer 6. Mortuary makeup artist