Sincere Funeral Services

Sincere Funeral Service Limited is a professional Funeral-Planning company. Its specialization is to organize a professional and personalized funeral service in Hong Kong; comforting every Family Bereavement and witnessing the last journey marching for eternity. A memorial service in Hong Kong hosts a ceremony which memorializes and honors the deceased after the body has been cremated or buried.

Sincere Funeral Services Hong Kong

A funeral service in Hong Kong which aims to offer mourners an opportunity for a collective grieving experience, and to celebrate a life lived. As a rite of passage, the funeral acknowledges an individual’s life achievements and death. It brings the grieving parties together, regardless of bereaved family members or friends of the deceased, for the purpose of giving each other support during this difficult grieving time period, as well as sharing stories and memories of those deceased loved ones.

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Christian Funeral Service

$ 16,500 to 32,800
  • As life is a gift from God, it is our honor to host and treasure the moment with the family, whether held at the church or the funeral home.

Catholic Funeral Service

$ 16,500 to 32,800
  • May Jesus Christ our Lord grant the beloved one entrance into the land of light and joy with the assistance of the prayers during the funeral mass.

Non-Religious Funeral Service

$ 16,500 to 29,800
  • The whole ceremony will be dignified, even though there are no limitations with the standard agenda for Non-Religious Funeral Service.

Hospital/ Mortuary Funeral Service

$ 16,500 to 19,800
  • Simple Funeral Service could be hosted at the Hospital/ Mortuary. We provide one-stop service from handling all related documents, confirming the date to Cremation.

Buddhism Funeral Service

$ 16,500 to 33,800
  • May Buddha Shakyamuni bless your loved one to the Western Paradise.

Other Religious Funeral Service

$ 16,500 to 29,800
  • Sincere Funeral provide funeral services to the minorities in Hong Kong. Our pursuit is to organize a professional and personalized funeral, comforting every Family, as well as witnessing the last step marching for eternity.


$ 16,500 至 26,800
  • 天主教的殯葬禮儀中設殯葬彌撒,並備有多式聖道禮及追悼儀式。

Other Religious Funeral Service

$ 19,800 至 65,000
  • 打齋服務包括潮州齋、福建齋、鶴佬齋等,均能按照先人傳統及族例,安排妥善。


$ 16,500 至 33,800
  • 道教/中式喪禮儀式由喃嘸法師(即「道士」) 主持,在靈堂為先人進行法事,包括破地獄、過金銀橋、坐蓮花等。

Memorial Service in Hong Kong

We believe the importance of a well-organized and personalized funeral service can comfort the grieving family members while they witness the passing of their loved ones, and cherish their memories for eternity.

A memorial service in Hong Kong possesses immense symbolic value and is considered socially a rite of passage, the funeral service is the start of a defined period of loss for bereaved family members, marking a unique transition of their lives.

We understand the celebration of life tremendously, so we offer a professional funeral service in Hong Kong, and promise to handle every funeral wholeheartedly, with care and sincerity. It would give us the utmost honor to host the funeral ceremony on behalf of your family. Should you have any inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us via a call or WhatsApp at +852 9168 1040.

Handle Every Funeral Wholeheartedly